A break from birds....Kittens linocut print

A break from birds....Kittens linocut print

I made this linocut a couple of years ago now, and the kittens (Poppy and Jasper) have since grown to plump, adorable and serene adult cats...I still love this print though as a reminder of how affectionate and playful they were as kittens.

The lino plate was 50 x 50 cm or 12 x 12 inches which is a good size to work with, and I always begin with staining the lino. Here I have stained it black and drawn on it with white pencil. 

The finished plate! I have printed these on 245gsm Stonehenge paper, and they have been hand coloured with gouache and watercolour paints.

They are now available in my shop here. 
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